Vacuum Breakers Installation

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When it comes to the plumbing system and piping that allow a property to be warm, there is a device that is not much known or mentioned but has a key role respecting this function. 

We are talking about the vacuum breakers, which carry out a very important task in terms of security and for letting access to that valuable heat in a house or business. 

For vacuum breaker installation in McAllen, J. Villarreal Plumbing is the company to count on. 

In simple words, vacuum breakers keep the integrity of the steam piping system in general due to a physical phenomenon we will explain to you later. 

For now, all you need to know is that installing such an important device is something we do at our plumbing business in McAllen. 

This in many cases solves several issues, brings many advantages and increases the reliability and endurance of the pipelines in the steam system. Keep reading to know more. 

Why would you need a vacuum breaker installation in McAllen? 

In many commercial and residential businesses there are steam-based heating systems to be warm in the coldest months of the year. 

To do this, a system of this type uses water that is heated in a boiler and the resulting steam is stored and directed through specialized steam piping. 

In order to function, a steam heating system requires different parts: the actual pipe lines, a radiator and valves and of course, the vacuum breaker. 

You see, in closed systems like steam piping vacuum is bad, and if it gets generated thanks to steam condensation and for other reasons, the entire system would be at risk. 

This is when the vacuum breaker comes in. In detail, the vacuum breaker is basically a check valve that allows air to get in through the pipes, avoiding the feared vacuum thanks to inlets. 

As a result, the pipes will work properly and condensation, temperature variation and other instances that create vacuum will be avoided. 

Clearly, any steam-based heating system in a house or business needs a vacuum breaker. At J. Villarreal Plumbing, you can count on a specialized installation service of these devices, by skilled and professional contractors in the field. 

Our team of technicians have required gear and equipment to carry out this job. Dealing with a plumbing emergency in McAllen? Get in touch with us at (956) 212-5265 and get immediate attention in town 24/7. 

Have a vacuum breaker installed quickly at J. Villarreal Plumbing 

Our vacuum breaker installation service includes inspection and checking the functioning of the entire steam heating system, as well as the specific device. In this way, if you are having issues our experts will be able to determine the cause and if the vacuum breaker needs to be replaced.

Replacing or installing a vacuum breaker is a complex process. Therefore, only qualified and licensed plumbers are able to carry out this task. 

We have only certified and insured technicians at our disposal, to go to your property and address any situation you might be facing, either being residential or commercial buildings.

What would happen if a vacuum breaker installation is BROKEN?

In case the vacuum breaker in your steam heating system at home is compromised, the entire ductwork, boiler and other devices would be at stake, even your security. 

Specifically, when a vacuum is generated in the piping, steam changes temperature or condensation starts, there is a possibility for water and steam hammers to occur. This would break the pipeline. 

In other words, this device maintains the integrity of the entire ductwork by avoiding vacuum to get into the closed system. 

There are plenty of benefits the vacuum breaker has, too: it prevents water and steam hammers, it regulates uneven or fluctuating temperature and it allows complete condensate drainage. 

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