Gas Leak Repair in McAllen

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Gas leaks repairs in Mcallen, Tx

Some people often let unauthorized technicians work without experience or certification and this very often leads to dangerous results.

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This is why it is always recommended to ask a gas fitter if the person has the proper license to work in any manner.

All gas specialists from J. Villarreal Plumbing, McAllen, are experienced in this field. 

The gas specialist should ensure that the gas system is working properly and safely and that they meet the certain standards of the state and industry to protect those who are going to use the system shortly.


1. The proper and safe installation of the gas system and pipes in homes, both new and already established.

2. Installation of appliances of gas systems and respectively repairs of the same. Such items include things such as gas ovens, stoves, cooktops etc. It also includes other home and commercial appliances.

3. They take special care of gas connections from the natural gas grid or LPG bottles to homes and commercial places.

4. Carefully repairing any kind of gas leaks and potential chances of leaks.

5. Carefully installing gas bottles and repairs for the same.

6. Additionally, they also add gas bayonets for things which include gas heaters, cookers, and BBQs.

If any procedure is not performed properly, it may result in a gas leak.


A gas leak may occur anywhere in and around the home.

However, most of the gas leaks, according to reports, is said to occur in pipes joints. It is advised to check shut off valves, unions, flex lines, regulators, and risers properly to ensure there is nothing wrong going on.

Sometimes, these connections are not tight enough, therefore dry leaks can occur.
In addition to that, if those pipes happen to be very old, leaks can come from them due to heavy corrosion.


If you are wondering if there is any leak in your residence, there are several things to look for to check if there’s anything wrong going on in the background.

First of all, do you know how domestic gas smells like?

Well, since domestic gas contains sulphur, it smells a lot like rotten eggs.

If you happen to smell anything like rotten eggs near you, it means there’s a gas leak in your residence and you are very close to that.


You should start with gas appliances and gas piping. Since they run on gas, there are high chances that there may have been a leak.

If you have an underground pipeline and suspect that it is leaking, the best to confirm that is to check the grass outside your residence. If there’s any leak happening underground for a good time, the grass outside would be dead.

It is recommended to check the corrugated stainless steel lines as well since those lines are not very durable and can easily be punctured by anything sharp enough.

If your roof happens to have been replaced recently, we recommend you to call a plumber to check the gas lines. The plumber must check everything properly and ensure that there’s nothing wrong going on in the background.

Ask the plumber to check the vent piping on top of the water heater as well to check if it is properly attached to the heater. Otherwise, it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


These are some safety tips that would help you in case of any emergencies.
If you suspect a leak and the smell of gas is intolerable, you should not think much and run from the house immediately.

Go outside and contact the local gas specialist to shut off the connection.

Always ask for a license from a plumber or plumbing company before you hire, to make sure that the person can do the job correctly. 

If you smell a gas leak, run from it. Don’t expose it to any smoke or have an open flame nearby.

We highly advise you not to attempt gas repairs on your own, ever. It can be very dangerous to you and your family.

Keep information about the location of the gas shut off valves and how to operate them in case of any emergency.

If you ever suspect a gas leak, if confirmed, contact the local specialist or the gas company to resolve the issue immediately.

If you ever encounter any gas leak or your gas appliances require a service, feel free to contact us at J. Villarreal Plumbing, McAllen.

We have some of the best and most experienced gas specialists and plumbers in Texas.