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We all know that it is very important that the kitchen and sink washrooms be clean. As they are household items that are used a lot every day, they usually get dirty quite quickly. 

With the amount of pots, pans, glasses and cutlery that are washed in the kitchen sink, and with the number of times that family members use the bathroom sink to wash their hands, shave and brush their teeth, it’s not rare that, from time to time, the drains get blocked.

Are your drains moving slowly? It may be time to invest in professional drain cleaning services. Call (956) 212-5265 and speak with the experts at J Villarreal Plumbing for completely safe and efficient drain cleaning.
water heater installation mcallen

At some point it will happen (usually at 1 AM on Sunday). Your water heater will break down. This is the “technical” term of plumbing which means that your water heater has stopped working forever.

Water heaters should receive periodic maintenance, but too often they are allowed to run without maintenance and, sacrificing themselves, give us hot water, every day. When they have had enough, they stop because of rust or corrosion.

Don’t wait until you experience a cold shot of water in your next hot shower. Call J Villarreal Plumbing for reliable water heater repair and installation services. Speak to an expert today when you call (956) 212-5265.
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A leaking pipe can go unnoticed for weeks, if not months. Regardless of whether is a small or big leaking plumbing problem, it is crucial that you get water leaks taken care of as quickly, clean and efficiently as possible.

Our professional plumbers show up on time, work around your schedule, and keep our area clean. We’re always available for leak emergencies and always go the extra mile by guaranteeing our parts and workmanship.

Suspect a water leak in your home or business? J Villarreal Plumbing can help!  Call (956) 212-5265 to book an appointment.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, it is the place where the family gathers to eat and cook, and a correct operation of all the elements that compose it greatly facilitates us day by day.

Thanks to our plumbing service in McAllen available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can count on the security of having at your disposal the best professionals in the sector in the event of a breakdown in your kitchen, whether in the pipe network, a breakage or leakage of tap water or, worse, a mishap with the washer or dishwasher drain system.

Your kitchen plumbing components are in good hands when you call J Villarreal Plumbing at (956) 212-5265.
toilet repair near me

Is there anything more frightening than a toilet about to overflow? A damaged monster whose squeaky and bubbling sound is the fear of any homeowner. Fortunately, the most common problems in toilets can be solved easily and quickly, by correctly diagnosing the problem and making simple adjustments by a professional.

At J Villarreal Plumbing our expert technicians in McAllen, TX carefully assess each toilet situation to provide the most comprehensive, effective solution possible.

Dealing with a broken or clogged toilet can be frustrating for any home or business owner. Call (956) 212-5265 and get fast, reliable clogged toilet repairs and installations.
plumber working plumbing services mcallen texas

Proper placement of pipes and drains will be the best solution to avoid breakdowns in the bathroom

The maintenance of the plumbing installations, both in terms of pipes and drains, is a little less than fundamental performance for its correct operation.

Do you have a bathroom that needs to be repaired?

We are the experts at quickly diagnosing and repairing various toilet issues that arise. Our plumbers are experienced with all brands and models of toilets. Over the years, your toilet may not lose it’s ability to function properly.
commercial plumbing mcallen

J Villarreal Plumbing offers full plumbing service for commercial and industrial customers, including shopping centers, condominiums, restaurants, department stores, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, among others.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge in the commercial and industrial systems of  the Rio Grande Valley.

Need a reliable and reputed plumbing company for your business? In J Villarreal Plumbing we will be happy to hear from you. Please call (956) 212-5265 to make an appointment.
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Natural gas leaks can be dangerous. Natural gas vapors are lighter than air; generally, they rise and dissipate. They can also accumulate in enclosed spaces and move until they reach an ignition source.

While natural gas is not toxic, in high concentrations it can cause sudden dizziness or suffocation.

Leave your gas line services to the professionals at J Villarreal Plumbing. Our technicians provide the most comprehensive gas leak detection, gas line repair and installation. Call (956) 212-5265 for an appointment today.
Garbage disposal installation mcallen

In case you need a garbage disposal installation in McAllen, J. Villarreal Plumbing is the company to hire for this specific purpose. 

Our plumbing solutions cover residential and commercial properties in the entire RGV area. 

Leave your garbage disposal installation and repairs to the professionals at J Villarreal Plumbing. Our technicians provide the most comprehensive garbage disposal repair and installation. Call (956) 212-5265 for an appointment today.
underground leak repair mcallen

Looking for an underground water leak repair in McAllen? You have J. Villarreal Plumbing´s solutions at hand.

There are plumbing-related issues that are noticeable in any property, with quite straightforward solutions to apply and almost no hassle to deal with. 

slab leak repair in mcallen tx

If you need a slab leak repair in McAllen, you need to hire professional plumbers since dealing with this problem requires advanced knowledge and technicians. 

Many plumbing issues at commercial and residential properties are hard to detect and repair, and slab leaks are a great example of this.

sewer repair in mcallen tx

When sewerage fails, the related property may suffer severe damage, and this is when sewer repair and cleaning in McAllen is necessary. 

With time and due to the nature of the structure, sewers suffer from damage in the pipelines when waste accumulates and corrosion appears. 

sewer odor detection in mcallen

To detect the origin of a plumbing issue, sewer odor detection with smoke test in McAllen is something that can be done, and J. Villarreal Plumbing as a specialized contractor can. 

Right now, smoke testing is a very useful tool to diagnose plumbing issues, which saves time and money in many ways. 

Faucet installation mcallen tx

ooking for a kitchen and bathroom faucet installation in McAllen? J. Villarreal Plumbing is the company to go to. 

Whether you need a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom sink, we have you covered in replacing that old unit that looks outdated.

hydrojetting service mcallen

Noticed clogged pipes and drains at your property? 

Hydro jetting in McAllen might be the answer with the help of J. Villarreal Plumbing.

Our company provides the most advanced and innovative plumbing solutions to solve related issues, in both commercial and residential buildings.

video camera inspection in mcallen tx

From a clogged pipe to a leaking faucet, possibilities are almost endless. However, more severe issues may appear at some point, which even experienced plumbers have trouble finding, diagnosing and ultimately repairing. 

This is when the video camera inspection solution comes to the table.