Garbage Disposal Installation in McAllen

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Counting on with a proper garbage disposal device in your property is something important, since you should consider it a matter of personal and public health. 

In case you need a garbage disposal installation in McAllen, J. Villarreal Plumbing is the company to hire for this specific purpose. 

Our plumbing solutions cover residential and commercial properties in the entire RGV area. 

A garbage disposal or garbage disposer device is a unit that is put under the kitchen sink, and being electrically powered is capable of shredding food disposals. 

In this way, the unit shreds food pieces into smaller ones that can go through plumbing pipes. 

As a result, the pipes do not get clogged or blocked, avoiding damage and reducing public waste and accumulated rubbish. 

Garbage disposal repair in McAllen, Tx

Do you need a garbage disposal unit installed at your house or commercial property? 

You can do it with us at J Villarreal Plumbing. 

We offer you expertise and specialized craftsmanship in plumbing solutions in general, including garbage disposal installation and also repairing tasks when the device is not working properly. 

Equip your kitchen sink with a powerful food shredder that dramatically reduces rubbish accumulation in general. 

With us, you can have your garbage disposal device installed quickly and conveniently, thanks to licensed workers and technicians. 

Our workers will take care of everything in terms of electrical connection, device installation and general operation that guarantee proper functioning. 

Dealing with a garbage disposal unit that is failing or not working at all? 

We have got you covered too, respecting repairing and fixing waste disposal devices. 

With time, such disposal units wear out and internal components start to fail, or may have other issues that require maintenance. 

Our company offers different services respecting maintenance, diagnosis and repairing garbage disposal systems. 

Therefore, either the issue has to do with electrical or mechanical components, our team of experts will solve it in no time. 

Craftsmanship, professionalism, responsibility and integrity are some of the values that represent us as a company, one customer at the time. 

Common problems respecting garbage disposal units 

Overtime, garbage disposal units may have issues and failing parts that affect the general functionality of the device. 

Since these problems may lead to even worse situations and damage, the recommendation is to hire a company to fix the issues. 

At J Villarreal Plumbing, the most common problems regarding garbage disposal units we face are: 

  • A leaking disposal unit: in many cases, the garbage disposal device starts leaking and this might be happening due to problems in the sink´s drain. 

Also, the leak is a possible result of a broken or unsealed pipe. In any circumstance, you must hire an expert to solve the issue, if you want to avoid more severe damage to be caused. 

  • Weird noises and inadequate functioning: failing units start making weird noises and simply stop shredding the food waste properly. There might be several reasons for this to happen, involving mechanical issues respecting movable parts and motors. 
  • The device does not start: on many occasions, the garbage disposal unit does not turn on. This requires a comprehensive diagnosis to see what the problem is that is causing the unit not to start. When units do not function, the electrical system might be failing or a mechanical part may be causing the issue. 
  • Water is not draining properly: if water is not draining properly through the garbage disposal, it might be clogged with waste. If this is happening, it is possible that the unit is failing and food rubbish is not being shredded like it is supposed to. Dealing with any of the issues previously mentioned and requiring a garbage disposal installation in McAllen? 

Get in touch with J Villarreal Plumbing and have your unit installed at your commercial or residential property. 

Why should you hire J. Villarreal Plumbing?

One customer at a time, our company guarantees the hirer´s satisfaction with high quality work. 

So, state-of-the-art craftsmanship respecting maintenance, repairing and installation plumbing projects is assured. 

This is possible only through the work of skilled and licensed plumbers that work with the required degree of professionalism in every task. 

Whether you need a garbage disposal installation in McAllen or fixing the unit or any other plumbing-related task, J Villarreal is the company to hire. 

We take pride in giving flat rate pricing and affordability to our customers, permanent 24/7 emergency services and quickest attention. 

Call (956) 212-5265 and contact J Villarreal Plumbing to have your garbage disposal installation service in McAllen or any other Rio Grande Valley area.