Bathroom Installation and Repair in McAllen, Tx

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Bathroom Installation & Repair in RGV

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We all love our clean showers, faucets and sinks as they are essential household fixtures that ensure proper water distribution throughout the residence, but what nobody realizes is that over-using them are causing water leaks and other problems.

Fortunately, there are a few things that can help us maintain them and identify when problems are on the rise.


Water coming from the tap, either provided by the city or drawn from a well, contain some amount of mineral deposits in it.

Sometimes the amounts of calcium, magnesium, and iron are so subtle that it is nearly impossible for us to notice, but when the amount is higher than usual, it will create hard water, which is the main cause of damage.

Over time, these harmful elements will build up gradually in faucets, showers and sinks.

To detect them, look for any small sign of significant discolouration near the opening of the faucet or shower, or at its joints. If found, consider that as the sign of having hard water in the bathroom.

Water dripping from a faulty faucet can also leave permanent stains in the sink, which does not only look bad but are also extremely difficult to remove.

But by the time you detect any evidence of hard water or notice any sign outside the faucet and shower, the actual damage to the interior is already done.

Layers of lime and calcium, two of the most harmful elements, does not only cause severe clogging in pipelines but also leaks around the joints of the bathroom pipes, and what makes them more irritating is that it remains unaffected by almost every drain cleaner bought from the store.

At J. Villarreal Plumbing, McAllen, we offer highly specialized water softener installations in bathrooms that ensure no potential problems but in case, the damage has already been done, you will need to have professional services performed on the faucet, shower and sink.


Fixtures are very different from one another, so it is not easy to tell exactly where the problem can be, or how long any given faucet will last.

Their life strongly depends on the following factors:

1. Usage – It very much depends on how often the fixtures are used, and how hard the tap water is in the area.

2. Worn Seal – Sometimes, it may not be anything serious. The problem can be as simple as a worn seal that can be fixed very easily at minimal costs.

However, if the issue is more severe, it is advised more cost-effectively to purchase a brand-new rather than repairing the old one again and again.

When it comes to the sink, however, it has more to do with cosmetics than anything else since the main function of the sink is to simply act as a water reservoir.

Hard water problem can cause many things such as unsightly dirty stains that make the entire bathroom look gross and dirtier.

It is not really in the hands of the homeowner, even if you well-clean the sink daily, hard water can cause high damage to the pipes below the sink and that may require professional services.


Often the worst leaks tend to happen at the most unexpected times.
Problems are common and it can be fixed temporarily, but sometimes, existing issues cause more problem due to excessive use, such as during a crowded gathering at home.

Frozen pipes are one such issue that caused the majority of leaks and floodwater in residences.

Wish to avoid such situations? Following the tips below might help.

1. If there are any exposed pipes, it is recommended to wrap them up using foam to protect them.

2. Disconnect any outdoor garden hoses. If these are left outside, any residual water left in the pipe can freeze and cause leaks and other issues throughout the system.

3. Close any other outdoor valves.

4. Finally, it is highly recommended not to ignore even the smallest leak. If the faucet or shower continues to drip even after it has been turned off, it may not seem like a major issue to you. However, before you realize, you could be facing serious damage in the bathroom.

6. Check every potential problem with the pipes in your home or business, and contact our trusted and certified plumbing in McAllen, Tx with any questions or concerns.

Whether replacement of few pipes is required or a whole-house repiping is necessary, J. Villarreal Plumbing in RGV is always at your service.

Our team of talented professionals are serving as bathroom plumbers in your area for a long period. The best-in-class equipment and tools are used by our technicians to facilitate a long-lasting service.